The Pulmonary Rehab Services program is a highly effective and innovative model designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiopulmonary disease.

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program is physician-directed and provides a personal treatment plan. Local physicians have chosen to refer their patients to Pulmonary Rehab Services. Our program provides diagnostic testing, therapeutic exercise, education training, outcomes assessment and an individualized treatment plan.

Pulmonary rehabilitation has been proven to improve the following:

  • Reduce respiratory symptoms (e.g. dyspnea and fatigue)
  • Increase exercise performance
  • Increase knowledge about pulmonary disease and its management
  • Improve health-related quality of life
  • Improved psychosocial symptoms (e.g. reversal of anxiety and depression, increased self-efficacy)
  • Reduced hospitalizations and use of medical resources
  • Return to work for some patients

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Director – Patricia Sharp, CRT

Office Hours:

8:00 am – 4:00 pm