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We pledge to make our motto- Caring hands, Caring heart, a part of every patient's experience.
JoAnn Baker

Wound Care Specialists is an outpatient wound care clinic that focuses solely on treating acute, chronic or complex wounds. These wounds are usually a result of diabetes, excessive pressure wound, circulatory conditions, trauma or surgery. Our team of Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians provide a comprehensive management plan to implement reliable best practices and advanced technologies to promote rapid healing.

Types of Wounds Treated include:
- Arterial Wound
- Diabetic Neuropathic Wound
- Pressure Ulcer
- Non-Healing Surgical Wound
- Venous Ulcer
- Lymphedema with a Wound
- Moisture Associated Skin Damage
- Venous Dermatitis
- Vasculitis
- Non-Healing Surgical Wound